There are celebrity style moments that fit perfectly, and then there are moments that really stick with you, moments you try your best to recreate at home. In ‘Great Outfits in Fashion History’, Fashionista editors are revisiting their all-time favorite lewks.
Early fashion trends have long reappeared on our style radar, but plenty of inspiration is still to be found among the trailblazers – and it wouldn’t be a Y2K fashion story if it weren’t. features Lindsay Lohan (who, in fact, is finally back on our screens in Netflix’s “Falling for Christmas,” playing a literal fallen heir).
At a Motorola benefit for Toys for Tots in 2003, the then 17-year-old approached the red carpet in a pair of low-rise jeans that revealed her back. Right at her hips, the bottom revealed a top of her black lace lingerie; meanwhile, the lacing that skimmed the floor concealed her sleek pointed leather boots. She styled them with a satin black tank top and a fitted jacket that buttoned up the front.

The redhead beauty completed her look with smudged black eyeliner and rosy cheeks, plus a Louis Vuitton monogram mini bag (and a pink flip phone, duh).

While ’03, Lohan was photographed wearing hip-opening pants on the red carpet several times, including at the MTV Video Music Awards and Teen Choice Awards. The polarizing denim style has recently made a comeback not only in vintage stores, but also on catwalks, having been co-signed by a host of celebrities.

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